Students and Exam time

Students who are physically impaired, have severe Dyslexia or Dyspraxia or any other specific learning difficulty and are therefore unable to write for themselves should make an appointment at the DU for support. These students are asked to approach Disability Unit (DU) for assistance in getting a scribe or use our labs for exam purposes.

  1. Students should submit their exam dates, times and names of lecturers to the DU a week before exam starts.
  2. Our office liaise with the lecturers regarding the format of the exam script required per student as well as arranging scribes for the students.
  3. Some students find it easier to type their answers by using a computer and they are provided access to our labs to make use of the computers.
  4. Students with a lesser degree of Dyslexia uses the screen reading software to listen to the exam script being read to them and they write down their own answers.
  5. Visually impaired students uses the magnifying software or devices in our labs which enable them to read the exam scripts – they are also allowed to utilise our labs for tests and exam periods.
  6. Our lecturers take ownership of their subjects and have been absolutely superb by assisting the DU with bringing the exam script and collecting it, thereby ensuring that the student does not have additional stress by having to arrange this for themselves.

Faculties on all our campuses are encouraged to make use of our loan programme should a student require such assistance – we have various assistive devices in our resource centre such as laptops and hand magnifiers.

All we ask is that you keep our devices safe and sound.

Please contact Lillian Fortuin on xt. 8438 to arrange this service.


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