Exams, Extra time etc

Students who have had extra time for exams during their school going years should contact the Disability Unit (DU) for assistance. Appointments should be made before the published deadlines below.

We have two cut-off dates throughout an academic year for processing     extra time concessions, these are:

End of March      and        End of August.

Students must provide acceptable supporting evidence of their disability or long/short-term medical condition to the DU.

  • This can be a Professional Doctor’s Report i.e. Psychiatrist, Occupational Therapist or Psychologist assessment report.
  • A letter from the Education department that was given to the high school will also be acceptable proof – together with the above report.

We do not process any concession letters after these cut-off dates. It might not be possible to make the proper arrangements if you come too late to the DU.

If your application is successful, then you will receive your letter of extra time concession by email.

These concessions are usually for your entire academic period at CPUT or you may receive a limited time period and have to be reassessed after expiry.

You have to see the HoD of the DU for the extra time concession. You cannot obtain this from your lecturer or faculty office.

Please do not wait until it is too late. Come before the end of March and the end of August each year.



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