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ADHD is a neurological syndrome, found in children as well as adults, that is characterised by

Posted on October 11, 2013 by Lillian

ADHD 11102013

  • poor concentration and organisational skills,
  • easily distracted,
  • low tolerance for frustration or boredom,
  • a greater tendency to say or do whatever comes to mind (impulsivity) and a
  • predilection for situations with high intensity.

The name Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder reflects the importance of the inattention/ distraction aspect of the disorder as well as the hyperactivity/ impulsiveness aspect. The disorder ADHD symptoms arise in early childhood, unless associated with some type of brain injury later in life.

It is imperative that children who present with ADHD receive appropriate and adequate treatment.

Treating ADHD in children requires medical, psychological and educational intervention, as well as behavioural management. It therefore requires a team approach and also includes parent training.

Parents need to be educated on how to cope with and assist a child with ADHD. Parental support is a crucial component in any successful treatment programme.

Many children with ADHD can be taught in a regular classroom with minor adjustments to the environment, but some children require additional assistance using special educational services, especially if they have complex learning difficulties.

Treatment for adults with ADHD involves medical intervention and psychotherapy.  12042013 (Reviewed by Dr A van der Walt, MMed (Paed) BSc Hon (Human Genetics), May 2007 and July 2010)

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