Hearing Impaired People

Basic Etiquette

■     Wave or touch the person’s shoulder to draw the person’s attention.

■     Keep sentences short and use proper sentence construction. Rephrase, rather than repeat sentences that the person does not understand

■     Speak clearly so that the person can see and read your lips. Do not smoke, chew gum or let your hair cover your face whilst in conversation with a person experiencing hearing loss

■     Use facial expressions to correspond with the topic and mood of discussion. Keep eye contact and talk to the person rather than the interpreter

■     Be patient when either you or the person experiencing hearing loss, have difficulty in understanding or transferring a message

■     Do not change the subject or change your language in mid- sentence

■     Use basic signs to transfer your message

■     Indicate unforeseen happenings e.g. sudden loud music or dogs fighting

■     If you are standing with your back to a light source, such as a window, the glare may obscure your face and make it difficult for the person experiencing hearing loss to speech read


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