Parking Bays for People with Disabilities… a contentious topic..

Sourced from the Western Cape Association for People with Disabilities website.

Parking Bays

Parking Bays


Persons with disabilities have a right to access their environment on an equal basis with others.

Many of us think of persons with disabilities as those who use wheelchairs, simply because this is the most visible of disabilities. Consequently, we think in a “ramp and grab bar” approach to accessibility.  Accessibility is much wider than this, and includes access to information, transportation, communication technology and other services available to the public.

We follow the principles of Universal Design which is about creating spaces that may be used by all people without making special alterations for any grouping.

Our awareness raising helps the public to understand the legislation governing accessibility so that they will consider persons with disabilities because it is the right thing to do, rather than because it’s the law.

Parking Permits
Special parking bays are reserved at most public spaces for use by persons with disabilities, making it easier for persons with disabilities to do what we take for granted. Unfortunately, many times these bays are abused by people who do not understand their purpose, preventing the wheelchair user from using the public space.

You can help us by joining our band of volunteers who help us to teach people why these bays are necessary and contribute in your own way to the independence of someone living with a disability!

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