Bursary Info – Disabilities

 Some Tips when Applying for a Bursary

Please check the closing date before applying for any bursary or scholarship. Here are some important points to be considered when applying for a bursary.

  • You apply for a bursary when you are in grade 12 so that you can be sponsored for reading 07112013the next academic year of study at a tertiary institution, not after passing matric.
  • Remember to always fill in an updated bursary application form, for an example, if you are in grade 12 in 2013, your bursary application form should indicate that is for 2014 academic purposes.
  • Applying for a bursary doesn’t guarantee that you will get it, always apply to as many companies as possible to increase your chances.
  • Companies are looking for hard working students; those with good marks will be given preference. Applications arriving after closing date will not be considered.
  • Some bursaries have preferences for certain individuals with certain values or for learners from certain places; some might require you to study at institutions of their choice, please read the conditions carefully before applying.
  • The course that you are applying to be sponsored for should exactly be the same as the course you have applied for admission at a tertiary institution.
  • Applying for an admission at a tertiary institution and applying for a bursary are two different things, so they must be done separately.
  • Getting a bursary doesn’t automatically give you a tertiary admission; you have to apply for tertiary admission.
  • When returning the application form, please attach the required documents, e.g your grade 11 marks, requirements differ from a bursary to a bursary, some might require you to write an essay for motivation.
  • After returning the application, shortlisted candidates might be invited for an interview or an aptitude test. Then a conditional acceptance will be send to you should you be successful
  • After getting your grade 12 results, send a certified copy to the company to enable you to get a Bursary Confirmation Letter to register at their approved institution.
  • Before signing the bursary contract, please take time to read and understand the terms and conditions as most of them are binding.
  • Remember that the company that is offering you a bursary is actually investing in you; you might be required to work for them after completing your studies for a certain period of time, but failing your tertiary studies may results in you being excluded by both the bursary and the institution.



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  1. I have disability (bilateral hearing loss) & I’m a cochlear implant recepient. Now I would like to further my studies & pursue the pending dreams & passions.
    I applied for BA Communictions Science with UJ & I need funds to further my studies.

    Please assist

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