FID celebrates MTech graduates

WELL DONE: MTech graduates were robed by their loved ones.

The hard work and dedication of five MTech graduates in the Faculty of Informatics and Design were celebrated during a special robing ceremony.

The graduates and their supervisors reflected on the journey they had shared on their way to graduation before family members and other loved ones were given the opportunity to ceremoniously “robe” the graduates.

Supervisor Dr Pineteh Angu said graduate Katebesha Mbanza had encountered several challenges while seeking asylum in South Africa.

“And through those challenges he decided he had to contribute to addressing those challenges.

Being a non-English speaker and trying to seek asylum in South Africa you have this problem called language. You have to tell painful stories in a language you’re not very comfortable with,” Angu said

Mbanza eventually became an interpreter to help other asylum seekers and through this process his research emerged.

His thesis is titled: The use of interpretation services to address the communication challenges faced by Congolese Asylum seekers at the Refugee Reception Office in Cape Town.

“Let me take this opportunity to encourage fellow students: If a refugee, an interpreter, a married man, a stable employee and English fourth language speaker can achieve this, then why not other students,” said Mbanza.

Graduate Osadi Mosweu said her journey had not been an easy one.

“The first time I presented my proposal it was shut down. I was shattered but picked myself up and started over again. The following year it was approved and I was so excited.”

Her thesis was titled: An assessment of the capacity management process of the Information Technology Infrastructure Library framework in delivering value in the public sector.

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