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Circumfort wins top medical prize

APPLAUSE: Circumfort, a CPUT Innovation is making headline news in South Africa

A CPUT innovation is making headline news across South Africa.

Engineering student Musa Morgan it the proud inventor of Circumfort, a specialised male underwear developed to aid the healing process after a circumcision.

The invention recently scooped first prize in the medical category at the Gap Medical Awards 2015. And the competition was tough, with Musa competing against several medical doctors.

The underwear was developed in 2013 after Musa was circumcised. This process got him thinking about how to ease the pain and aid the healing process.

Along with his business partner Lwazi Ntshangase, Musa designed and manufactured Circumfort.

The underwear keeps the penis in an upright position, preventing downward bloodflow and seepage from the wound. This not only significantly cuts down on the healing time but assist with the prevention of infection.

Musa credits his invention’s success to all those at CPUT who supported him during the past few years, including his business partner and fellow student Lwazi Ntshangase.

“Thank you to everyone, I wish I could do more than just thank you,” says Musa.




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