Largest teacher education study launches at CPUT

GROUNDBREAKING: SARCHI Chair and CITE DIRECTOR Prof Yusuf Sayed with CITE Deputy Director Prof Azeem Badroodien

One of the world’s largest studies on teacher education is about getting underway at CPUT.

The Centre for International Teacher Education  (CITE) was recently launched and is the first major initiative from the South African Research Chair in Teacher Education- Prof Yusuf Sayed.

He says the objectives of CITE are fourfold.

  1. To track teachers from the time they enter training to the time they graduate and start working.
  2. To quantify the billions SA spends on in-service training and understanding what value these programmes bring
  3. To move beyond the deadlock between teachers, government and unions and speak directly to teachers about what their career means to them 21 years into democracy.
  4. Finally to ask hard questions of what 21 years of policy changes and transformation has resulted in

“Cite will develop the new generation of teaching scholars and ensure that we continue to hear new voices in this dialogue,” says Sayed.

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