WS2: Blended learning Course Design

Facilitators: Ass. Prof. Daniela Gachago & Dr. Faiq Waghid, CIET, CPUT

Date and location: 

  • 7th of March 2019, 12.30-15.00, D6 campus (room 3128 in the  library)
  • 14th of March 2019, 13.00-15.30, Bellville campus

Workshop description

This workshop will introduce CPUTs vision for blended learning, framed by Laurillard’s book ‘Teaching as a Design Science‘. Starting off with focusing on your current students’ needs (persona activity), we will unpack the 6 Ways of Learning and show good practice on how blended learning can support these. Finally we will introduce a model for course redesign (storyboarding). To book your place please use our online booking system. We look forward to an interactive workshop with you!