Afrikaans 4 Academics

In a bid to improve Afrikaans proficiency among CPUT staff members, participants of the Afrikaans4Academics course went on an excursion to the Afrikaans Language Monument in Paarl.

The Afrikaans4Academics course was rolled out this year by Fundani and aims to develop staff members’ basic communication skills in Afrikaans.

The course links with CPUT’s language policy which promotes multilingualism amongst its staff and students in order to bring about social cohesion.

Being proficient in Afrikaans also enables academics to interact and communicate better with Afrikaans-speaking students and colleagues.

The excursion provided staff members with a unique cultural and historical experience whilst learning to speak the language.

At the Taalmuseum, the participants were treated to an insightful tour of the premises where they learnt about the history of the Afrikaans language and the culture of its speakers.

While at the monument, retired Professor Heine Odendaal also shared his vast knowledge of the history of the Afrikaans language and the monument with the participants.

  • The course is facilitated by Anthea Adams and Theo Rodrigues
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