Cats Back on Top of the World

Cats Family with the SRC

Cats Family with the SRC

Coach Masie likes to tell his players “It is always better to loose earlier during the group stages than in the finals.” After watching last night’s finals one has to admit that Cats have got the best technical team in the province. The Cats went into the finals with a lot of pressure on their shoulders. They were on the brink of making history for all the wrong reasons. The team understood the importance of keeping the team’s reputation intact; and they delivered. That game was lit! ‪#‎CPUTCats‬ avoided losing in 2 finals in a row.

A prepared mind will help you overcome the toughest obstacles. Chance favours the prepared mind. Discipline was the order of the day. The team kept calm throughout the game. They kept it simple and stuck to the game plan which was to clinch the title. Clearly they had a lot of fun doing it. Even though the mandate was to win, they played with a lot of flair. The vociferous crowd kept on singing and chanting supporting the team.

One thing players need to learn to do is to mind their own business and concentrate on executing the game plan & let the supporters be. Once you decide to take the crowd on, things can backfire in a big way, which is what happened to some UCT players. The referees are human beings so sometimes they make humanly errors. Ted made 3 clean blocks that were called as fouls.

Sarp Sozzeri has found his groove back. We can safely say the Spiderman is back. He plays more with the team and he shows up on defence. Whenever he scores a 3 pointer all I can remember is Limba Luthando, favourite phrase “‪#‎LightsOut‬“! He put a lot of effort in his game.

Weldon Schuman had some slick moves scoring crucial and difficult points when it mattered. Vuyo Vuzu Vellem speed caused lots of problems for UCT’s defence because sometimes he exposed them when they were caught off guard. He would cut through the tall UCT wall with the ‪#‎EuroStep‬like a hot knife through butter. He showed a lot of bravery. He didn’t his opponents on a pedestal. He came to conquer.

Mubyayi Eric didn’t play to his full strength. He is a lot better than what he brought to the game. For a big guy he wasn’t aggressive enough to cause trouble for his opponents. Luckily for him, his team mates were on top of their game and they covered for him where he slacked. After all it was the team work that helped them be triumphant.

Ted Tonye sometimes known as Mr 50% showed up in a big way. His game has improved tremendously. He shows up on defence blocking shots and crushing boards. He shows up on offence placing himself in the right place and taking shots inside the parameter line. His weakness which he needs to improve is that he should show a more sense of urgency whenever he receives the ball. Quick decision making is key when you are playing against a competitive side. He missed a lot of free throws during the game. It is a good thing the Cats were leading by double digits otherwise under different circumstances this could have been their downfall.

The star of the night was the team captain Luthando Moza Mpano who played a critical role in ensuring that the Cats reclaim their glory. His quick hands on defence in stealing all those balls from his opponents was a marvel to watch. Although he is a rookie in the students team, he is a veteran in the team. He commands the game and you can see that he has been well groomed from a very young age. His basketball IQ is second to none. Every move he makes has a purpose. He dished out some of the best assists I have ever seen in basketball – be it NCAA, NBA, Olympics you name it. From the spy two assist, to the no look passes to the passes that came from around the back, he surely kept the crowd entertained. Clearly competing in the BNL last year played a huge role in his growth as a player because he is not scared to take calculated risks.

The Cats started the season and finished with a total of 9 players who played in the finals. It has been a tough road because the team consists of a lot of rookies. They only have 2 natural bigs. Fitness played a huge role to get them to where they are today. They worked hard during practice on both their physical aspects and their psyche. All the hard work and sacrifices reflected in their game. The left everything on the court during the finals. They complemented each other well on the court and they stuck to the game plan.

1st Quarter Cats 20 UCT 14
2nd Quarter Cats 22 UCT 15
3rd Quarter Cats 16 UCT 15
4th Quarter Cats 21 UCT 21
Final Score Cats 79 UCT 65

Largest lead of the game was 22 points which was the same margin the Cats had lost with during the qualifiers against UCT. Vengeance unlimited was served rather cold. The Cats led from beginning to end.

The ‪#‎CPUTCATS‬ Ladies team might be dominated by rookies but it seems like somethings don’t change. The spirit of winning still runs through their veins. These ladies have got a lot of character. One thing coach Kimathi Toboti appreciates about his players is their perseverence. They don’t back down from a challenge. It was refreshing to see the senior players coming into their own and stepping up. UWC never stood a chance against the Cats. Those ladies have got speed, they have height, they can scored, and most importantly they have heart.

CPUT Ladies were crowned the USSA WC Basketball Champions

Well done on executing the plan and keeping the name of the institution on the map. #CPUTCats are the 2016 USSA WC Basketball Champions


Club started – 1995  – 20 years (14 championships)

  • Currently: 2 Ladies & 2 Men Teams = 80 members
  • Age: 18-40
  • Demographics:
  • Associates of USSA – University Sports South Africa
  • All teams are Super League representatives  of Cape Town Basketball League  (February – September annually)

2014 – all teams are in the semi finals

  • 6 Representatives are part of the Basketball National League (Premier League – BNL) with the Captain of the team home grown from the CPUT.
  • Produced more than 40 national female and male basketball players over the years for Both the Senior National teams and Student National teams.
  • Produced 3 International players currently playing professional basketball overseas.
  • Two TV representatives and a radio personality have also played for the CPUT
  • Currently  4 SA females  and 3 SA Males
  • Current coaches hold positions as, SA Basketball Senior Ladies Team &  U/18 SA Boys

Ex-Coach Thierry Kita currently the Assistant Executive Director for NBA Operations Africa!


CPUT Cats came to conquer the CTBA Championship.  CPUT Cats annihilated Montana Vikings 68-48 at the CPUT Cape Town Campus Multi Purpose Hall on Sunday 18 October 2015.  They prepared hard to get to where they are today.  Lots of blood sweat and tears.  The mandate was always to play hard and have fun while overcoming every obstacle on their way to the top; where they belong.  It took Coach Masie Ntlali 2 years to build this team to where it is today.  He took over from the legendary Coach Thierry Kita who had laid a strong foundation.  Coach Kita who now works for NBA Africa, groomed Coach Masie and instilled strong values which he carried onto the current team.  Coach Masie should be in the Hall of Fame at CPUT.  He has become the first person to win the CTBA Championship first as a student and player, then as Alumni and now as a Head Coach.  That is #Legendary.

The team’s big #Big3 comprised of the 9 Andre #Juju Ongenda, 4 Myc Makanda and 6 Sternard Mapurisa.  40% of the players in the team are rookies and so there was a good balance of both experience and young blood.  Ongenda won his 10th title with the team.  #Juju’s thunderous block to Stephen Gabriel towards the end of the game was a strong statement of intent.  Actions speak louder than words and that action said “This is my house and I own this court.  Not in my house!”  #Juju was all over the court both on defence and offence.  He scored the most free throws during the game.  He had a great game and you can see how hungry he was for this title.  How many people in SA can claim that they have earned 10 Championships with one team in any sporting code and not just in Basketball?

Makanda had the most rebounds during the finals.  He was disciplined even when the game got a bit heated up and some players were physical.  He never lost his cool.  His presence and contribution towards the team’s success made a huge difference. “To be a champion you gotta beat a champion and not only did we beat the former champions we moored them by 20!” says a euphoric Makanda.

Mapurisa made crucial baskets to make sure the team stamps its authority and built an enormous lead.  His composure under pressure made it possible for the team to be triumphant.  His ability to take care of the ball and his vast experience counted in Cats favour.  Mapurisa lost his cool when he got a technical foul after scoring a hustle play and then complaining to the referee afterwards.

The No1 Assistman has got to be Marco #UncleDrew Samuels.  He dished them left right and centre.  We saw it all in the finals.  From the no look passes to the slick and smart passes.  He was very entertaining to watch.  He made a wise decision at the beginning of the season when he decided he would like to come back to the Cats and play for Coach Masie’s team.

#Ace’s pace and energy towards the end of the game was off the hook.  The ally oop assist he got from #UncleDrew can be credited to those long hours of machine gun drill during practice which the team did regularly.

Luthando Limba’s bravery under the hoop was a marvel to watch especially when he went head to head with Stephen Gabriel who is currently one of the most respected Post players in the country.  Limba never chickened out; he brought his A-game.

Simphiwe #Spinman Benge’s game has improved with leaps and bounds.  It took years of hard work and dedication to get to this level.  He was a pest amongst those Vikings players.  He was not intimidated whatsoever.  He kept hustling them and challenging for those loose balls, putting Vikings under pressure and winning those second chance opportunities which he converted.  His consistency throughout the whole season has made him a worthy recipient of the Men’s MVP Award.

According to Bonga #Hotstove11 Kalipa’s capabilities, he didn’t have a great game.  However his combination with #Spinman was lethal.  He was most effective on the assists that he dished out to his team mates.

Whenever a player would come from the bench they were expected to step up and blend into the team.  Eric Mubyayi didn’t show up the way we know him.  He was cold on the day.  Given the fact that Mubyayi is a rookie we can forgive the young lad.  It was a big stage after all and he had to start somewhere.  Clinching a title in your first year as part of the team is a great achievement.

When Chad Smitsdorff came into the game he did well on putting pressure on the Vikings ball handlers but he was not effective with the free throws.  Smitsdorff’s defence was on fleek.

Towards the end of the game the coach brought in the rookie of the year Weldon Schuman who knows just when to be at the right place at the right time.  All the points that he scored were like putting a dagger in the Montana Vikings fans.  He always finds blind spots and strategically places himself in a scoring position.

When you see some of the Vikings players trying to steal the show with their ball handling skills and hopping abilities but not being able to catch up with the smart plays set by the Cats, then you realise what kind of a master tactician Coach Masie really is.

CPUT Cats ladies defeated Vikings to clinch their #BacktoBack title.  Thanks to all the hard work and investment Coach Kimathi Toboti has put in the team.  CPUT Cats Ladies were awarded team of the year at the CPUT Sports Awards.  It is achievements like these that will get the National Government to take notice.  Asamkele Nongwendu is the female MVP for the 2015 CPBA Championships.

The greatest gesture happened after the game when Coach Masie gave his Gold Medal to Annelie Swarts & thanked her for all her hard work and sacrifices she has put into this team.  Both CPUT Cats Men and Women’s teams have been invited to come to the South African National Parliament on Thursday 12 November 2015 as the Champions of the CTBA League.  Their hard work has paid off and even the people at the top appreciate that.





CPUT Cats Men and Women are on top in the Western Cape.  The Ladies are still undefeated because for them the real competition begins at the National Championships.

Please note that this coming Friday, CPUT will be playing in the University Western Cape Basketball league Finals and as the CPUT Basketball Club, we extend an invitation to all the Basketball loving community of Cape Town.

The games will be at UCT starting at 18:30 on Friday

Games on the Day:

CPUT vs UCT (Men and Women)
UWC vs CPUT Bellville

Hope to see you there




USSA Western Cape Basketball Fixture

USSA Western Cape Basketball Fixture

1. If there is a tie among the top 3 teams, accumulation of points will be used to break the tie.
2. If there is a tie between the top 2 teams, then the team that won the match between these two teams will be given a top spot or top seed.
3. Each team is requested to bring a match ball
4. Students cards and USSA 2 forms are needed before you play the game. No cards/form no play. If you dont have a student card please bring your proof of registration and ID.
5. No students from other universities will be allowed to play for another university.
6. A maximum of 20 players per team shall be registered by the 3nd week of the league start. After this weekend no new players will be allowed to be registered.

USSA 2015 Round 1 Fixture

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