Food SMEs and the Fourth Industrial Revolution – Do you want to join us on a project?

This is a call to Small and Medium food enterprises. The Agrifood Technology Station wishes to generate a project(s) regarding the implementation of the Internet of Things (IoT) and 4IR concept to your factory floor.

This would involve doing a baseline assessment of the data you collect during your manufacturing process and then also identifying/ suggesting other areas for data collection to improve the overall data set. Where necessary, this implies installing appropriate sensor technology.

The data collected will be used to measure performance/ efficiency against the baseline data and possibly point out ways for further improvement/ efficiencies. Obviously, the sensor technology would have to be chosen based on the cost of such in the overall project.

ATS will be partnering with the Technology Station in Electronics based at the Tshwane University of Technology and the AMTL Adaptronics Technology Station at CPUT on this project.

You are hereby invited to write a short *proposal in e-mail format to outlining the following (maximum 500 words):

  1. Company name and nature of the business (what do you produce);
  2. Size of operation in terms of factory area (square metres) and number of employees;
  3. Quantity of product produced per day (in whatever units appropriate to your process);
  4. The data you presently collect and record e.g. masses, numbers, volumes and any other in/on-line data recording such as fill levels, metal detection, etc.
  5. Any other items that relate to your process which you feel may assist in making a decision to implement in your business.

*Please do not divulge any sensitive or confidential information if you feel uncomfortable with it.

Your proposal will be assessed. If chosen for this project, an appropriate contract and confidentiality agreement will be signed between you and the University, after which a funding application will be made to support the project, either fully or partly, pending funder rules. You will be intimately involved throughout the process.

Larry Dolley