Monthly Archives: May 2017


As projects are completed and as new work is taken on, we are often confronted with new technical challenges, some big, some small. This is what makes working with the Station exciting and refreshing. There is always a degree of same old, same old…..but, there are always new challenges to keep us alive and young The most recent outcomes from these challenges is the initiation of our Sensory Analytical Facility.

Our Sensory Facility has been used once or twice (or more) to conduct short interventions for industry. However, in recent weeks we had to plan for and assist with executing a major sensory analysis event. This was done with and for the University of Pretoria who were responding to a client who had approached them. UP in turn employed a well-known sensory analytical company to act as the executing agent.

CPUT was the chosen venue for the event due to our facility being more than up to the task. A few hundred participating members of the public (including CPUT staff) were the panellists for the process. They in turn received a “sweetener” for participating and all went off very well.

The facts that we had upgraded the air-conditioning and fresh air supply to the venue added to the suitability of the venue. Our in-house wi-fi link also assisted with electronic data collection while our spacious preparation area allowed for sample preparation and delivery according to plan.

CPUT is thus open for business in two w exciting ways for companies needing to conduct sensory analysis:
1. You can rent the facility to conduct analyses using a consultant of your choice;
2. We can conduct such sensory analysis for you by agreement as to your needs.

We are also preparing two sensory short courses for offering in 2018. These courses will be registered on the CPUT short course system and will earn you a formal CPUT certificate!!

Please make this known to industries with which you work. We welcome any enquiries in this regard. If interested, please e-mail for more information.