Agrifood Technology Station by Numbers and One-Liners

Human Resources
Established: 2005
Staff Members in 2006 = 2: Manager, Technician
Staff Members in 2014 = 8: Manager, Administrator, Senior Technologist, Technologist, Technicians X 4
Equity Profile 2014 by Gender: Females X 4; Males X 4
Equity Profile by Race: Black X 4; Coloured X 3; White X 1

FInancial Model
CAPEX and OPEX Funding: Grant fromTechnology Innovation Agency (previously Tshumisano Trust)
Costs Recovered on subsidized work completed – “income”
Other funding agency support – based onĀ individual projects
Provincial Government and other parastatal interaction based on services rendered

TIA operational Support for last 3 financial years:
2011/2012: R2.648 million
2012/2013: R3.419 million
2013/2014: R4.308 million

Costs Recovered for last 3 financial years:

2011/2012: R272 000.00
2012/2013: R411 000.00
2013/2014: R265 000.00

Number of Company Contacts Over 7 Years
More than 800
> 85% SMMEs

2 thoughts on “Agrifood Technology Station by Numbers and One-Liners

  1. Jessy Van Wyk

    Very interesting read and very pithy synopsis of the latest IPAP concerning things important to ATS and Food Tech – thanks Larry!
    I also liked the “warts and all” spelling and grammar in places – it screams “enthusiasm”!
    However, one that might pose a challenge is: “recently required experts” for “recently retired experts”.

  2. Jessy Van Wyk

    The “Titbits on Food Trends” blog refers: Interesting read. I agree that we should look at a homegrown brand and label at CPUT Food Tech & Agrifood.


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