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Research and Postgraduate Studies

The Department of Research and Postgraduate Studies in the Faculty of Education and Social Sciences provides access to high-quality seminars on qualitative research methodologies and theoretical frameworks in Educational research. We also draw on the skills of supervisors in a range or sub-disciplines in Education, including management and leadership, maths and science education, early childhood education, special needs education, literacy and numeracy studies, children’s literature and social issues in education. Visiting academics, researchers, student-run seminars and conferences allow for great intellectual interchange.

Our postgraduate mentorship programmes are designed to support students with little prior experience with the research component of their postgraduate degrees. We offer research training and capacity building in various aspects of educational research. This programme includes an extensive research methodology workshop series for all new students as well as leading-edge academic writing and publication workshops.

We have also developed partnerships with leading international universities. Our key aim is to assist in producing a new generation of critical graduates equipped with research skills to address the complexities around educational and social challenges that we face in South Africa.