Inaugural Professorial Address of Prof Beatrice Olutoyin Opeolu Official start: August 26 @ 6:00 pm. Duration: 3h 30m

Tourism and Events Management

img tourism deptThe department of Tourism and Events Management has been a distinct department since its inception. Located in the City of Cape Town, in the southern tip of the African continent, the department is truly in the ‘centre of all action’.

We are a diverse team of colleagues dedicated to the overall development of students in the tourism and events management discipline. The department specialises in preparing management professionals in the tourism and events fields and focuses on a wide range of academic, professional and personal skills that enable our students to become better leaders in the diverse environments presented by our industries.

The department places emphasis on Teaching and Learning, Community Engagement and Research in the Tourism and Events discipline.

The Department also has a centre of excellence called CETRA (Centre for Tourism Research in Africa), which predominantly drives research in the department and particularly focuses on contract research with various other institutions, private sector and government.  

The department works closely with local, provincial, national and international stakeholders across the spectrum including government and private sector, partnering in research, teaching and learning, community engagement and work placements opportunities.