University leadership

Mr Trevor Manuel is the Chancellor of the Cape Peninsula University of Technology.

Dr Prins Nevhutalu is the Rector and Vice-Chancellor.

The Cape Peninsula University of Technology is governed by five leadership structures.


The university Council is the governing body of CPUT. It consists of members appointed by the Minister of Education, as well as representatives from Senate, the SRC, the Convocation and academic and non-academic CPUT staff.

Council is, amongst others, responsible for making rules for institution, determining the admission policy and determining, with the approval of Senate, the entrance requirements of the institution.

Executive Management

The Executive Management is responsible for the management of the university. Executive Management consists of the Vice-Chancellor, two Deputy Vice-Chancellors, the Registrar, the Executive Director of Finance and Dean of Students.

Executive Management is supported by the Management Committee, which includes the Management Committee members, Deans of Faculties and Chief Directors.


The Senate regulates the academic functions of CPUT. It consists of various academic and non-academic members of staff and nominated members of the public.

Institutional Forum

The Institutional Forum is tasked with advising Council on a range of issues that affect the institution. It is made up of a broad range of members, and includes representatives form, amongst others, Senate, Executive Management, external parties, staff members, unions and students.


Deans of Faculties are responsible for the day-to-day management of their faculty and its academic programme.